Suggestion for a Custom Asset Categorization System in Enscape

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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm a passionate interior designer who loves working with Enscape, and I'm here to share a suggestion that I believe can further enhance the custom asset management experience in the software.

    Currently, when we want to add new custom assets, we're required to place them all in a single folder. While this works, as our library of custom assets grows, it can become increasingly difficult to find what we need.

    My suggestion is to implement a categorization system similar to V-Ray's proxy system. This would allow Enscape to read Windows folders and subfolders, enabling a more intuitive organization of custom assets. For example, we could have categories such as "Furniture," "Accessories," "Vegetation," and their subcategories.

    I believe this functionality would be extremely useful for all interior designers and Enscape users, as it would allow us to find the necessary assets more easily and quickly, saving precious time during the creation process.

    My question to the Enscape team is: Have you considered the possibility of implementing a categorization system for custom assets based on Windows folders? If so, is there any plan for its future implementation? If this hasn't been discussed previously, I hope this suggestion will be taken into consideration, as I'm confident it would be a valuable addition to the software.

    Thank you all, and I eagerly await the feedback from the Enscape team.