Weird lighting bugs around white surfaces

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  • Granted, i dont have a raytracing enabled GPU to test that feature on so it could be that, but i noticed today in a render that a white painted PFC and the white walls surrounding it were giving off a staggering amount of light for what would normally be expected. the only thing i can assume is that enscape is calculating (estimating) incorrectly the light in that corner given how much light is being reflected off of those surfaces back and forth and multiplying with itself to end up with a total light emission much higher than that of the walls around it.

    Is this the case? whether or not it is, how can i go about rendering that area without having such a wild light area around that spot? thanks

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    JackD , right away, this behavior can usually be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the corresponding affected geometry (the walls in this case) or by creating a smaller second non-transparent wall behind.

    Depending on your interior shots you may also put larger walls behind those affected light-leaking areas or even turn the time of day to night so that sunlight cannot intrude in any case. Ray-traced sun shadows are more accurate to say the least and thus light-leaking won't occur on the same level as seen here. Feel free also check out our corresponding FAQ article to read more about this subject in detail.