Customizable assets bugs and feature requests

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  • These are my suggestions relating to the changes to assets introduced in 3.5. Many of these were posted before in the preview release, but I fear most of it got lost in the last-minute scramble towards the release, so I am reposting them here.

    - It's so unfortunate that tweaking materials is constrained to a color picker and some preloaded alternates. I want to be able to apply my own materials to assets. The only type of assets I have found myself wanting to tweak just the colors of are the vehicles. For every other types of assets where I need to modify the materials, it almost always involves swapping texture maps. Swap fabric to leather. Swap marble to wood. Swap oak to pine. Etc. And I want to be able to pick my own materials, and not be constrained to what Enscape thought suitable to include as options. For me, the 'asset types' is the least interesting feature in terms of asset customization because it doesn't really add anything that wasn't possible before. Rather then having asset types, these assets could have also been published as separate assets. Granted, it would make the library a bit more crowded, but that's it. The asset modifications (like material overrides) is where the real value is IMHO.

    - Users have a hard time figuring out how the change the material or swap the subtype of an already placed asset. Most of my users need fin it. They find it unexpected that they have to make a selection, and then click 'edit' to actually make changes to that element. There are very few programs that work like that. I think it would be far more intuitive that when you only have a single type selected, it would immediately switch to edit mode and skip the whole 'edit selection' panel.

    - To be honest, I can't see the benefit of the 'edit selection' panel. Is the idea what we will select all assets in an entire area and then click on each one to tweak them? Seems like a really odd workflow. I'd rather remove it completely in favor of a more simple workflow.

    - In the "edit selection" panel, there does not seem to be a way to way to see which asset has subtypes. But once you are in the 'edit asset' panel that is very clear. Of course this wouldn't be an issue if you 'edit selection' panel was removed

    - There's no way to see whether any materials have been overridden on the 'edit selection' panel. On the 'edit asset' panel it's very clear, even with a nice implementation when you have assets of the same type selected but with different material overrides. Again, I think the 'edit selection' panel is making things harder than it needs to be. Would be better if it jumped immediately to 'edit asset' panel until you select multiple different types of assets. Again, it would not be an issue is the 'edit selection' panel was removed.

    - In the library inside the enscape render window, we can see an icon for 'material can be modified' after clicking on the thumbnail, but in the standalone library the icon for 'material can be modified' is missing.

    - The red layover on the selected assets makes it hard to accurately select the colors. I find myself having to select a color, exit, evaluate, go back in and readjust, etc. Maybe the red layover goes away in edit material mode in favor of just an outline?

    - Often I want to change the material of an asset immediately after placing it. Right now the workflow for that is awkward: we first need to place it, 'apply changes', select it, click on the selection, and only then we can change the material. It would be nice that with changeable material assets, it immediately jumps to edit mode after placing.

    - In both the standalone library and the library inside enscape, the popup only works after clicking on the thumbnail. I liked the previous behavior better. With the current behavior, finding the right asset is taking a lot longer, as there's often some important information in the popup (description, showing the different subtypes, ...).

    - I think the 1/x label in the topright corner of the thumbnails in the standalone library are distractive. I would hide them for all the assets that have no subtypes (1/1) because in those cases they are adding nothing, and just clutter things up. It would also make the assets that do have variants stand out more.

  • The red overlay is the worst aspect of the asset material changer feature by far. I agree with the rest of your points as well, but that overlay is incredibly frustrating.