Costum RPC / 3D models

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  • Enscape is swapping RPC with 3D models..

    could this be made costum, we do a lot of work in the middle east and i want to be able to place arabic people as well.. we are also starting to work in China so need Chinese people. This 3D objects won't be high on the priority list of enscape.

    what if:

    you have a mapping list... in this list is the name of the RPC item in Revit and the 3D (probably dxf) file it needs to swap with including the this directory are the 3D objects and there textures.

    This way you can add what ever 3D object you want to Enscape. Of course there needs te be a pop-up if you extend the number of polygones. But this approach will give a lot of flexibility.

    I am happy to brainstorm about this subject

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    Hey Arno , you can simply deactivate our automatic replacement functionality by going into your Enscape Settings -> Advanced tab -> Uncheck the "Replace ArchVision Content" checkbox. Restart Enscape, and all your models will be displayed as they should.

    Let me know in case you still want me to file a feature request accordingly regarding the mentioned subject. :)

  • Demian Gutberlet that is not what i am saying Demian... i want a mapping list so i can swap my rpc for my 3D objects...that i have..

    I have a library of 3D people i can't use these in Revit but they are usable in i want a mapping list that says swap this rpc for this item.

    PLease read my message above clearly before replying

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    Hey Arno , pardon, I've misunderstood your first message. Be assured that I'll file your wish as a dedicated feature request accordingly. ;)