Intel Graphics Card

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  • Enscape is a real-time renderer whereas VRay is an offline renderer.

    From Wiki:

    Rendering can be split into two main categories: real-time rendering (also known as online rendering), and pre-rendering (also called offline rendering). Real-time rendering is used to interactively render a scene, like in 3D computer games, and generally each frame must be rendered in a few milliseconds. Offline rendering is used to create realistic images and movies, where each frame can take hours or days to complete.…%20a%20few%20milliseconds.

    As such Enscape will always require a meaty graphics card.

    • Official Post

    When is enscape going to work with the intel graphic card? I keep reading that you're working on it but that has been a few years now. I can use vray on my computer but not enscape.

    To add onto what Paul already stated which is correct, we did indeed actually state that we'll try to further work on improving support in this regard but, even to this day on-board graphics from Intel are simply not that powerful so it would provide a great experience with Enscape. To quote one benchmark site: "not good for games (and thus also real-time applications like Enscape). good for basic tasks".