Improved Global Illumination also available in current Mac release?

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    Hi suguru , I hope you'll understand that I had to move your post since the current contest thread should just be used to submit renderings, and renderings only as otherwise it may turn into a discussion thread or such instead.

    Furthermore to answer your question, at the moment our last Mac release came out April the 12th so the improvements to Gi / reflections are not yet implemented, but you can of course still expect future updates that will bring along feature parity in its entirety eventually.

    I'm aware that this answer will not satisfy you, but at this point we can only hope for further understanding that Windows/Macs are entirely different systems as well and thus it's unfortunately not as straightforward when it comes to adding improved graphics to both versions at the same time in this example.

    So in a way we could've of course left out these improvements for our windows release 3.5 until we had them ready for Mac as well, but we decided to still add them already. Again, I know this won't be a satisfying response but may perhaps provide some further context.

  • Yes, I understand why you moved it. But what I don’t understand is why you keep telling us there will be platform parity (with no estimated date) and yet there isn’t and hasn’t been for a long time and Enscape still charges Mac users the same price as PC (now more with the price increase) even though there isn’t platform parity. You are stealing from your Mac users! I’m happy to pay equal price for Mac WHEN it has the same features and therefore VALUE as PC. I fully understand that PC/Mac are completely different systems yet based on Enscape pricing you don’t seem to understand that.