how to stop materials looking faceted on curved faces

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  • You can either use a projected texture. Or the more manual way is to adjust one of the facet's texture positions, eye dropper that facet and paint the rest of the wall with that adjusted position texture.

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  • lol.... what?? :D:D:D:D:D

    i'm sorry for laughing but that's one of the most paranoid things i've read in a while...

    so you are affraid of a simple plugin which is nothing more than a piece of code written with Ruby by an amateur programmer or the average sketchup user?

    then you shouldnt use Sketchup; or Windows OS; or Mac OS; or that browser you are using right now to login to this forum; or ANY other app you have installed on your phone or PC or Mac...
    they all connect with their servers and they all have access to that same info

    sorry for the off-topic

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    when you click on them them come with a warning & not backed up by sketchup....if you have ever been hacked you would understand

    I'm sorry to hear you've been hacked in the past, I can understand how downright traumatizing it can be as I experienced it myself a while ago.

    Still, as long as you are acquiring your plugins from a reputable source there really shouldn't be any risks. It's another story when it comes to acquiring something like .exe files (from random websites) and not just SketchUp plugins, but in this regard especially if also available in the extension warehouse there is not much need to worry:…f5-7938cb94fd3e/sketch-uv

    You can never be too careful when it comes to downloading anything from the internet, and if you feel a certain website seems a bit "sketchy" perhaps just avoid it and refer to a more reputable source, like the official extension warehouse from SketchUp as mentioned.

    Hope that helps. Of course it's still your decision in the end but I just wanted to share my thoughts as well. :)

  • Thanks for your helpful response Demian as always.

    This is reassuring that the ones on warehouse are not to worry about. I may venture into trying one.

    Luckily the hacking happened when I was employed with an I.T department to sort it out but now I've started up freelanced im much more wary.

    Thanks again

  • I'm sorry if my reply was in any way offensive, it wasn't my intention

    What I wanted to say is that you shouldn't be worried about sketchup plugins. Eveybody uses them and they save you A LOT of tedious work, hours and headaches.
    And I never heard of a sketchup plugin stealing information or any wrong doing.

    What I think happened to you is that maybe you thought you were downloading a plugin and it was in fact some malware or trojan horse disguised as the real plugin...
    Like Demian said it happens with a lot of popular software, as they name the malware files with the name of plugin/software/whatever and even create web pages that look like the real ones, so you think you are downloading the real thing, and instead it's a .exe file malware

    But please dont let that bad experience prevent you from using plugins... they're the best thing about Sketchup
    Just use the extension warehouse like Demian said, it's all clean there