Unify your messaging about Recommended GPU drivers

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  • I have found, as many others have, that the Recommended GPU drivers are the best way to prevent crashing in Enscape. Any deviation, even slight dot version, of a driver can and will cause crashing.

    Enscape has two versions of the Recommended Drivers page. One has a warning about using latest drivers and one does not.

    I would like to ask that you include the warning in both pages and include this warning everywhere that GPU drivers are mentioned.
    I have NEVER found the latest GPU driver to be reliable.



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    jonahhawk , thanks for your post.

    Right away, could you let me know which GPU(s) you are using with Enscape currently? It does depend on the model itself as most current graphics cards should run without any problems using our latest release and the latest up-to-date GPU drivers available. Hence why I'm also sorry to hear you had a bad experience with that in the past.

    Let me know if I am missing something but, in the articles you've linked we want to make sure that our users update to the latest drivers, but just in case they may experience any problems (especially after we investigated) they shall use the recommended ones instead:


    As a general rule, we recommend that, where possible, you should always run the latest available driver for your GPU. However, if the latest GPU drivers cause issues when running Enscape, then please roll back to the drivers that are listed above.

    If you run into trouble, let us know by using the feedback function or contact us here. There are plenty of different system configurations and we are working every day to support more of them.


    Enscape should work if your GPU is capable of running the minimum recommended drivers listed below. Although we always advise that you should be running the latest available drivers for your GPU, sometimes the latest available GPU drivers can cause unforeseen issues and in such a case we strongly advise that you roll back to the drivers listed here

    In any case if a user experiences problems using the latest GPU drivers and our latest release we also rather wish to receive a feedback report so that we can investigate further, as again, most GPU's should work with the current drivers, even if there are some exceptions.

    Thank you in advance for any further messages.

  • We currently standardize around NVidia Quadro A series RTX GPUs. A5000, A4000 and A3000 series cards. (Quadro P series, Quadro FX, etc before that) We have hundreds of workstations, both desktops and laptops and see issues across all GPUs if we install the latest driver. We have had the same experience over the past five years. The latest drivers never work reliably with Enscape. The recommended driver is the only reliable path for us.

    To my request, I ask that you give the same warning/recommendation in both articles; "Sometimes the latest available GPU drivers can cause unforeseen issues and in such a case we strongly advise that you roll back to the drivers listed here."

    It is a huge waste of time for us to install the latest drivers on hundreds of workstations, only to find that Revit is crashing frequently. Restarting Revit on large projects, across this many architects, it is a massive loss of time; many hours of lost work.

    We actively monitor and manage GPU memory usage. We have training around optimal use of Enscape per GPU memory limits. Most users know the limits of their hardware and do well to stay within them or to ask for upgraded hardware.

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    I appreciate the elaborate reply, thank you for that.

    May I also ask if there is any recent crash report you might've submitted not too long ago for us to have a look into? At least via the e-mail you're using for this forum I cannot find any reports hence why I'm asking.

    In case if not, if you should have the time and resources whenever to at least submit a feedback report with logs from one of the machines (ideally with a more recent GPU like the Quadro A-series) after installing the latest drivers (and experiencing crashes) and using our latest release, then that would be great to receive.

    Those two quotes you have are not what I see on the two pages I linked currently. The first page does not warn about potential problems with latest drivers.

    Pardon the confusion, the quote I shared is a bit further down on the first page under the note:

    I'll gladly forward your feedback to make this a bit more clear in the future.

    Once more thank you again for any further replies and coopeartion.

  • I see! I stand corrected. We don't scroll past the NVidia driver recommendations. I'm glad to see that warning in both places.

    Regarding a crash report. I would have to ask users to submit them. I'm in support and don't actively use Enscape anymore. Plus I only install the recommended driver and Enscape never crashes for me! ;)

    If you can search reports by domain, our users are @zgf.com. We are actively installing only the recommended driver for 3.5. One issue I saw with the latest driver and 3.5 is the Enscape window would leave tracers on my secondary display, but not my primary display. It did not crash, but I rolled back to the recommended driver after this anyway.

  • I believe that was NVidia driver Driver 536.25 for my A5000 in Revit 2024. I closed Enscape naturally that day. there is nothing exciting in the log. No Errors other than RPC Replacement. don't care about that. no warnings, no fatal. We have had others with that driver and A4000s have issues though. I'll see if I can round them up.