GLB/GLTF export

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  • Hi -

    Are there any plans to include this feature?

    3DVista has added the ability to import 3D models into their virtual tours via glb or gltf files:

    At the moment, Blender seems to be the best way to get models into the program.

    I know we can export web stand-alones, but 3DVista adds a whole other layer of interactivity.

    Being able to bring in files from Enscape that have been nicely rendered and lit would be great.

    The other thing is being able to bring in files that are more lightweight than glb files exported directly from Sketchup.

  • Yea, I’ve tried using Blender but it does ‘me ed in’.

    I’ve done some simple tests with models in 3DVista but I’ve been unimpressed with what I’ve seen so far from myself and others.

    If there was a way to export what I ‘see’ in Enscape as a GLTF it would be amazing.