Getting Revit Crashes in new build when exporting image at 4K

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    Archytextural , I'm sorry to hear about this problem. In order to get behind this issue, could you please send us some feedback via the Feedback button which you'll find in your Enscape ribbon? That would be very helpful. Also, please don't forget to add a reference like your forum name into the form as well so that we can connect the report to this thread. :) Thank you in advance!

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    Archytextural , thanks for the feedback! As mentioned in my reply to the ticket itself, I'll forward the report to our developers to have a closer look at this problem and they'll determine if it's Enscape related, or if it's indeed a problem with your video card. :)

    Updating the graphics card drivers as described, could also very well help already. Let me know in case this would resolve your problem! ;)

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    Archytextural , it is indeed, I'm afraid, a memory overflow problem, so otherwise put, it was caused as your graphics card ran out of RAM.

    If you regularly export renderings of such size, perhaps you'd also like to consider upgrading your graphics card.

    Memory requirements in general may grow slowly as we improve quality (reflections, etc.). We try to optimize where possible, but the progress is unstoppable :)