shadow in the video

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    A shadow is appearing when I'm rendering the video, I've already disabled ray-trancing, DLSS, Nvidia denoiser and it didn't help

    Thanks for your report.

    At least currently this is a known behavior if it's the same which has been detailed and showcased via videos here:

    Animation with burns and error in the shadows.

    To quote myself:


    At least currently this is to be expected in certain scenes but we are already working on replacing our existing filtering/denoising method with an alternative solution that allows us to circumvent this (called NvDenoiser). This improved method will be more capable and advanced, thus also better at handling artifacts/noise and generally unwanted effects like those "abnormal/burning" shadows you've captured.

    While we're in the process of implementation you can expect this improvement to be added with our next releases.

    If this might be something else you refer to, please also feel free to attach a short video example for us to review.

    Hopefully this won't be causing too many problems during your workflow. Depending on the scene adding more lighting or increasing the brightness of lights you've already placed can help with this behavior alongside slower camera motions, but it might not be entirely avoidable depending on your scene. We are working on it though of course as detailed.

    Last but not least there is also a "rough workaround" another user posted, which may be useful for you too:

    RE: Animation with burns and error in the shadows.

    Should there be any further questions what so ever let me know too!