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  • Since this week the renders in enscape have a hard lighting. There are large white spots in the places where light is placed. When you see the sky through the windows it is white instead of blue. Has something changed in the settings of the light sources? How can I solve this?

    I'm adding a few examples:

    A01: Made a few weeks ago, this is how the render is supposed to be.

    A02: Made today. Hard shadows and wrong lighting.

    B01: Made a few weeks ago.

    B02: Made today.

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    Artemis Interieur , thanks for your post.

    Right away, we did in fact add further improvements to our existing Global Illumination system, you can read more about that specifically here:…dvances-rendering-quality

    Due to these adjustments I fully understand that the scene does now appear a bit different now which is to be expected in most cases though.

    As an example of these improvements check out the area I marked, which is now a lot less bright and instead dark as it should be:

    Due to these adjustments in lighting generally and less light leak overall the scene may also appear a bit darker than it was before, hence why in "A02" you are seeing the light from the outside basically a bit too overexposed, but for that you can simply adjust the Exposure setting in the Main tab of the Visual Settings as well, something we reccomend fine-tuning before taking final renderings generally.

    When it comes to that slight pink hue that is visible in the previous renderings, that's very likely caused by the skybox/hdr leaking it's colors into the scene, which is not something we would want either, and hence why the materials (white surfaces especially) appear basically just white instead of slightly colored.

    You also brought up "large white spots in the places where light is placed", and in this regard it seems that the light itself emitted from those sources is just more visible than before, again due to updates to our Gi, so you'll also have brighter spots from those lights as before, though if you wish to decrease the brightness of all lights in the scene at once you can also use the Artificial Light Brightness slider in the Atmosphere tab.

    Further when it comes to "the sky through the windows it is white instead of blue", I cannot really see that well via the example renderings you've shared, but in that case it also seems to be due to the light being a bit overblown, where adjusting the exposure should help as mentioned before. Alternatively you can also potentially adjust the Highlights (Image tab) or even Sun Brightness (Atmosphere tab) as well.

    So summed up, I fully understand that improvements in our Global illumination system will change the appearance of the scene, sometimes just slightly sometimes more heavily, so some adjustments may be necessary, but overall the results should always be more realistic and true to life.

    If I'm missing anything or you have any further questions what so ever let me know! :)


    Just FYI we also have an ongoing contest regarding those differences specifically after acquiring Enscape 3.5:

    Contest: Global Illumination Improvements - Before and After Enscape 3.5

    In case you wish to see some more examples or even share yours as well eventually after you're happy with further adjustments and such.