Retaining texture and lighting information from a Revit model into a SketchUp model

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    I work making architectural renderings where all building surfaces in our models are specifically chosen and must be retained. My current workflow involves re mapping all textures back onto every material manually whenever I import the building model from revit into my SketchUp site context model. The other issue with this process is all lighting information is lost. After several days of research I cannot figure out if the light sources in revit need some setting changed in order to retain their properties or if there is some other step im missing.

    Overall Im hoping to find any info, now that you can "Drag and drop" revit files directly into sketchup 2023 if there is any way to retain the materials textures or if there is a way to batch import and assign them. I know I could run enscape in revit and export all the materials as .matpkg but the issue there is that because not all of the revit materials are set as "Generic" materials inside revit, when I export to SketchUp they do not link properly to the geometry. They do not retain their names and some are lost entirely.

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    to Preface, I am using both the most current versions of Enscape Revit and SketchUp. All of my cpu and gpu driver are fully up to date and windows is fully updated.

    My current issue is that when I apply a self illuminated material to geometry in Revit, the light it casts looks completely different when the exact same material is applies in SketchUp. This is the case if I export the material as a .matpkg and re import the apply or if I just re create the material from scratch matching all the settings.

    is there a fix for this, or am I missing some setting or step or does nscape handle lighting fundamentally differently within Revit vs Sketchup


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    darkroastdallas , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    Right away I hope it's okay I've merged your two posts since they are related and so I can address them both in one thread.

    In general simply moving a project from Revit to SketchUp and maintaining all the lighting/materials in Enscape is not possible currently. Revit has its own unique light sources which are not available in SketchUp and vice versa. For SketchUp itself we also provide our own lights as these are not natively available otherwise, so simply converting a Revit light source into one of ours by moving a project is not possible technically.

    Furthermore regarding your second post when it comes to the difference in lighting, please let me know if I'm missing something but the light cast looks different because you seem to be using actual light sources based on what I can see in Revit itself, as self illuminated materials do not cast a light cone or shadows like that. If you wish to achieve a similar or even the same look (through a spotlight via IES profiles for example) you will have to add additional lights via SketchUp (more details here).

    Last but not least please also keep in mind that self illuminated materials have to ideally be visible by the camera as otherwise they will not render any light, as seen in the example screenshot from SketchUp as they are out of sight inside of the socket. But of course it may suffice to just add lights via SketchUp in the first place as mentioned prior.

    If you have any further questions what so ever regarding this subject let me know!