Batch rendering panoramics

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  • Hello, Is there a way to batch render panoramics with the mac version?

    This is why I got enscape in the first place, but it doesn't seem to work with my mac version as it does with PC (an option within the batch rendering view selection dialog box).

    Anyone have any clues or is this functionality not included with the mac version?


  • Thanks Daniel, I've created multiple views, but I'm not seeing an option to output panoramic views instead of regular stills. Here's what my dialog box looks like:

    but from what I understand, there should be a drop down for panoramic option like this:


    Is the procedure different on my mac version or is this functionality not yet available on mac?

    Thank you!


  • Anyone have any new insight on this? I have just downloaded 2.0.1 for mac, but am no longer even seeing any batch render functionality - even for stills in the new interface. Where has this function gone and is there any way to do a multipoint panoramic output as per my previous posts?