Enscape Material Right Click Bug

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  • So this frustrating bug has been... um, bugging me for as long as I can remember. It is impossible to find a solution or a permanent workaround.

    There is no proper way to describe it with words, so it's best to show it. Please see the following screen recording.

    Does anyone else experience this? This is on SketchUp. Happens regardless of the fact whether you're trying on a material that contains PBR maps or if a simple colour without maps. The recording shows my attempts to get to the right-click menu of 4 PBR materials.

    And I just tried the same with a non-PBR material (no maps under Roughness, Normal etc). Same thing happens: The menu flashes for half a second and disappears but the only difference is - I can glimpse that the menu items in this case are not greyed out.

    There is no other way to get to export a .matpkg file. This is the only road and it's blocked by this bug. Hope this will be fixed soon.

    Recording 2023-08-17 162354.mp4