Sharing an Enscape ready Sketchup model

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  • I've searched the forum but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Can someone point me to where I can find out the best practices to share an Escape ready Sketchup model with someone outside my network? I want to send someone my model with lights, materials, and settings completed on my end. They need to be able to open the model and continue the edits. Can someone also point me to best practices for merging materials from a Finished SU Enscape model to another SU model with the same material names? I can do it individual materials but when you have 100 it takes a long time. Thank you in advance.

  • I tried but every path except albedo which is nativly saved in sKetchup is lost.. So if You want to share it You will need every map for Bump and Roughness as well as ies profiles. With my colleague from work I did a trick cos I copied my texture folders to his PC so all the paths are the same.. but he rarely renders so we do not have to updates it almost at all.. If You want to share it with somebody for modelling best would be to copy every needed file in some local directory and zip it together. Though either You or the other person will have to redirect the paths..

    If You want the other person to view it only You could use executable..
    I requested for ENScape some long time ago at least for the function that Renderer would look in local directory (folder in which Your sKetchup file is) if it could not find file in specified path. This way You could save all needed textures and IESes in one folder and all would be reconnected automatically.. But I am guessing this feature got little attention, though it is one extra line of code.. Ye I just checked.. not implemented.

    What do You want to do when materials have the same name? Copy in the model and replace? Without being overwritten by not set up material? Change name.. If the native sKetchup settings of both materials are the same sKetchup will not import copied material, it will assign the one it already has. So I don't give specific names at the beginning or use a snippet to change names of materials before copying ENS materials..

    mod = Sketchup.active_model # Open model
    materials = mod.materials
    materials.each do |mater| = ('_temp_' + mater.display_name)

    Just past into Ruby Consol.. Then I use Material Replacer plugin. But Mostly I just copy materials at the beginning as I need them.. I guess You however talk about case when somebody without ENScape models and then passes to You for render?

  • Funny, because I just came to the forums to post a wish-list item that would enable a scene to be packed, similar to V-Ray's tool that will pack up all textures and files and create a zipped archive. I think we also need some kind of asset tracker so we can see maps that are missing when working between computers. This area is very lacking. In the modern world of work at home and moving between networks, this is a real problem.

  • It's bizarre how it doesn't have such a simple resource!

    It's bizarre nobody from @Escape has ever answered this. I feel they don't answer much on these forums. I wonder if Vray has better support? It's been 17 days and not even a get lost or a sorry. Is there a better support forum somewhere else that I don't know about?

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    It's bizarre nobody from @Escape has ever answered this. I feel they don't answer much on these forums. I wonder if Vray has better support? It's been 17 days and not even a get lost or a sorry. Is there a better support forum somewhere else that I don't know about?

    Pardon me for replying back just now but in this regard at the moment at least what Tomas has already shared above is usually what we reccomend when moving a project from one machine to another for example.

    I also understand that this isn't ideal and I can only add that I'll bring this up during our next meeting with product management once again. Feel free to also forward this as a general inquiry using our portal in case you haven't yet, which reaches PM too.

    Should I be able to share any additional news regarding this anytime soon, I'll certainly do so. For now I can only let PM know once more of the importance of this and ensure that our users forward their wishes directly to them as well.

  • Any update on this? this has been a request since at least 2021. The ability to embed ALL materials or at least all easy re-linking of materials is a fundamental human right. It's so fundamental it should be the 11th Commandment or right up there with breathing oxygen. I find it really hard to believe it's only a SketchUp problem. Stop transferring blame and make it happen. Use the Chaos Slack account and talk to the developers from the other softwares and see what they think. I am also sure there are plenty of out-of-work software devs who would love love to make this work. Having only 1 person using a file or only in office file server collaboration is so 2004! We are in the year 2024 the era of remote work.

  • Has anyone found a way to remote work with people using Enscape on different networks, Dropbox's, OneDrives, or messenger pigeons?..
    Imagine if you will, you live in the year 2024 , and a software program so cutting edge that you could share files seamlessly across cyberspace almost as if the other person was sitting right next to you. A program devoted to the sharing of information, A program that made it easy to work in the 21st century. A program so advanced moderators would actually read the comments people posted about needed workflow... But then.. I woke up and realized it was just a pipeline dream...why would anyone want to share Enscape files with anyone else you keep asking yourself... who would actually work like that? That is so futuristic it sounds like it was from the Jetsons.

  • Do you want exciting features like Energy Performance, or other AI marketing buzz word features like they mentioned in the Unbox event? Then your requests need to give way.

    I am not sure about Enscape's future. It is a rendering engine but trying so hard to do so much.

    Site model creation is 1 example - anyone tells me they are using it?

    How about improvement to Enscape's core purpose - which is rendering engine?

    Features likes Sketchup texture repathing, video editor, Rhino integration, it is 2024 and we still cannot use IES in Rhino. etc.

    Sure, all the requests go into a vault or voting portal..

  • ...this entire topic is also an important concern for me.

    Within the company all this is unproblematic, as we all access the same server structure within our own country.

    But as soon as my company colleagues abroad are involved, the whole thing no longer works.

    For a start, at least a project export directory generated from Enscape would be helpful - a directory in which all textures and maps as well as all the other resources used would be collected, such as IES files or HDRIs.

    Ok, it's not christmas but at least easter is coming soon ;) so here's another wish: This "collection directory" should by default be automatically stored next to the CAD file in use...

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    ryanfernie , once more I appreciate your posts and feedback. I agree that something like a file path editor would be a logical addition to Enscape, next to perhaps a way to easily package the scene with all its content overall. All I can say at the moment though is that this is something which has again been brought up to product management from our side and they're aware of the demand for it.

    While I wish I could make some definite promises currently, I can tell you that this isn't a forgotten topic.

    As mentioned in my other similar post here, once I have any further news to share in the near future hopefully I'll reach back.

  • I feel the same way about a lot off issues I’ve had with Enscape. I’ve been requesting 2D SketchUp camera matching for years with tons of excuses. I asked the Chaos Vantage team to get 2pt camera to match and they implemented it within 6 weeks.

    I think the hyper focus on Revit and these energy analysis tools have left us behind.