Archicad Materials

  • Hi,

    I wish Enscape has implemented material. Enscape does not support materials, but just a few key word. I see that many supports Revit, but not ArchiCAD. I is so sad... Autodesk is hudge company, and they do what they want on the maket. I just have changed my jobb and now I am using ArchiCAD. It was so much easier with Revit.

    It is still many people with will love you, or rather really, really love you if you implement all that stuff that we need to get great pirtures and videos from ArchiCAD.

    It is full price for Enscape for Archicad, even if people get so little compare Revit...

  • Hey AsaDo , welcome to our forum. :)

    We support more than just keywords. Instead, we also make use of the surface settings, as long as you're using the "Basic Engine". For more on which sliders control reflection, transparency, glowing, emission and how to make use of textures, please check out our dedicated detailed "Materials in ArchiCAD" knowledgebase article here:

    If you have any further questions or in case you require any further assistance what so ever, please let me know. ;)

  • I wish that you would just implement your own material editor and ignore the archicad basic settings. It would open up many more options that archicad just doesn't do like normal and displacement. You have a material editor for sketchup, why not archicad. Like Asado siad we pay the full price but we get a 'lite' version.

  • Gavin Pendergrast , we're aware of the demand regarding a Enscape material editor for ArchiCAD as well. We generally plan to release a dedicated editor for every supported CAD software, besides Revit, since Revit's own material editor already provides a large variety of options which can be used by Enscape. :) In this case it is just a matter of time and we hope for your understanding.