Linear Lighting Leaks

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  • Hi, I always have problem with linear lighting. It cast weird shadow, but if I zoom in the lighting looks just fine. The case is I need to take the scene from pretty far. I've tried to cut out the plane to get smaller but it doesn't do anything. I hope there's a solution for this problem T^T, so frustating...

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    Thanks for the inquiry and welcome to our Forum clrtea .

    You might want to try increasing the length of your linear lights (via the Enscape Objects dialogue) next to each other to circumvent this behavior at a distance - Even though linear lights sources will be casting what appears to be linear light as expected when close by, they only create light from a single point and not across the entire length (becoming more evident at distance), which is normal for real time rendering engines like Enscape.

    Furthermore if that doesn't fully do the trick, you may want to also try combining those lights with self-illuminating surfaces as one of our advanced users did for his scene detailed here. Be aware though that we do not reccomend solely using self-illuminating surfaces as its main light source alone as that can lead to potentially further artifacts.

    Please let me know if trying the above does not help. Also just so you're aware, this does not seem to light leaking, though feel free to check out our explanation of that specific behavior as well here in case you might experience it in the future.

    Thank you in advance once more for any further replies, feel free to also share the scene with me in case I shall have a look at it myself if you're not completely happy with the results you're achieving.