Explicit 'Save' for visual presets ?

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  • “Do you want to keep the current automatic saving behavior or do you prefer an explicit saving option“ 97

    1. I want to keep the current automatic saving behavior (27) 28%
    2. I want an explicit saving option (70) 72%

    Dear community,

    As you know you can give us feedback on certain feature ideas or submit your own ideas on our Public Voting Portal. While this is mostly about new functionality, we also continuously evaluate existing functionality and want to improve it if necessary. This improvement can range from a complete rework to simple UI adjustments. To ensure the improvements have the desired effect, feedback from our users is important. However, the type of feedback must be adapted to the size and complexity of the change and in the past we have therefore conducted qualitative user testing, which brings us detailed feedback but due to the time involved, the quantity of feedback is usually lower.

    So now we want to test an additional method to collect user feedback from a bigger number of users. For now we will focus on simpler UI changes where the question is which option do you prefer. Furthermore, we will not allow any comments to focus on the voting and avoid distracting discussions here. Of course you can still use the forum for further discussion or the portal to submit additional ideas. If this method proves to be successful, we might run regular polls in the future, as well as integrate more complex questions and allow discussions under the thread.


    This poll is going to focus on the Visual Settings saving behavior. With 3.0 we introduced a new saving behavior which automatically saves all changes to the visual settings. While at the beginning some users were complaining about it, the complaints stopped after a time. We re-evaluated the topic with our internal experts and the feedback was quite mixed. While some got used to it and learned to appreciate the benefits others are still wishing for an explicit saving option.

    So the question we are interested in is: “Do you want to keep the current automatic saving behavior or do you prefer an explicit saving option“

    An explicit saving option could look like this where the visual settings window contains a dedicated save button at the bottom:

    This save button would not only allow you to explicitly save changes to the current presets but also enable you to save the current settings in a new preset: