Enscape update 3.5.2 Invalid license (Floating licenses)

Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.
  • Hi,

    When our users update Enscape to 3.5.2 for Revit 2024, they receive a message that the license found is invalid.

    The previous minor releases work fine (3.5.#)

    Anything known about this issue?

    • Official Post

    I am sorry to hear about that WesleyB .

    Feel free to try removing and then re-adding the floating license (via the "Enscape Account" window -> "Licenses" tab) to see if that activates Enscape once more, otherwise since that shouldn't be necessary or if that makes no difference, please also get in touch with licensing directly using our help center as detailed here:

    How do I contact Support?

    Thank you in advance, I appreciate the cooperation.