Fuzzy Text on Product Label

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  • I've never posted on the forum, but I'm running into a clarity issue with label textures. See attachment. I'm using Sketchup Pro 2023 and the latest version of Enscape. The Jpeg texture image is 1088x858 rgb color mode. 96 dpi. I'm getting the same results using a 300 dpi jpeg. Curious as to why the text is not close to the clarity shown in my Sketchup model. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • DPI doesn't matter when it comes to rendered images. See: Image resolution / DPI

    The issue you are running into is either the textured object is very large compared to the texture resolution, the resolution you are rendering at is not high enough, or you have bloom setting turned up. It looks like you are also very zoomed in to a small-ish object and that could also be a issue.

  • Enscape also auto-downsizes textures, which has been a hot topic as of lately. See: RE: 2K vs 4K textures not noticable in Enscape

    I'm not saying this is 100% happening to your model but it appears as though the texture is not high resolution enough for how close you are getting to it. Resolution in this case is pixel x pixel count compared to size of the object your wrapping, not DPI.(Those are two different things)

  • Thanks for the added information. I did read some of the 2k-4k forum threads. I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator and original artwork (texture is set to 1,088 x 858 pixels. The cans are to scale with real life cans...so I figured there wouldn't be much issue. I'll double check bloom effect. I hadn't thought of that before you mentioned it.

  • Hi
    just to rule out a typical source of error in this context: please also check that Sketchup itself does not cause a quality reduction beforehand.
    ( ;)I'm sure you've already checked this setting within SketchUp but this has happened to me from time to time for example by starting with any wrong SketchUp template)