Sunlight Bleeding Through Walls

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  • Hi,

    I am having some issues with sunlight coming through my walls, even though there is no gap between walls and ceilings. Can someone give any pointers?

    In this image you can clearly see the rays oddly coming through

    And changing the time of day makes it less noticeable but it still affects my colors.

    • Official Post

    Thanks for the post.

    Right away you can check out this post here when it comes to some tips and an explanation as to why light leaks can occur:

    Why do I see a light/glow in areas without any gaps? (Light leaking)

    As per the article, this behavior can be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the affected geometry or by creating a second non-transparent wall behind. Also, I reckon you're already using our latest release (3.5.2) and the Rendering Quality is ideally turned up to "High" or "Ultra"?

    Furthermore, you may in this case also simply reduce the Fog Intensity via the Atmosphere tab in our Visual Settings to 0% as the godrays should generally not be visible anymore thereafter.

    Just so you're aware as per the article as well, owning a dedicated ray-tracing capable card really helps with light leaking in general as this method is simply more accurate in terms of sun shadows especially.

    If you're already on our latest release and the tips above do not help in your case, feel free to also gladly share the scene with me.