There is a problem when I select the material to edit ENscape 3.5 that takes me longer than before ENscape 3.3!!

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    There is a rather big problem that troubles me when using version 3.5. If I follow the sequence 1->2->3 the material table section is empty. So very inconvenient now when editing materials I have to follow the sequence 2->1->3. I hope the team fixes this soon. Like version 3.3 and earlier will be better.
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    Thank you for the feedback akaat777 , and welcome to our Forum.

    We're definitely aware of this behavior and the actual fix to revert this back to what you were used to in 3.3 or below should be coming with a future preview or service pack update soon. I'll reach out via this thread as well to notify you once that is the case. Thank you for a bit more patience in this regard.

    Kindly let me know whenever you have any further inquiries.