Enscape and Macs

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  • I am preparing to teach Enscape in the Fall Quarter. I'm wondering if the Enscape for Mac version is now full-featured, or is it still missing a few of the tools that are available on a PC? I don't see any recent information on your site.


    Diane Dieterich

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    Hi Diane, thanks for your question!

    Once the new update to Enscape for Mac will release soon you'll have access to all five (Sphere, Spot, Line, Rectangular, and Disk) SketchUp lights which are usually available in the Windows version as well alongside the ability to select between different Asset variations too. The rest of the missing features will find their way into the Mac version of SketchUp as well, but later on.

    Meaning, at least in the coming couple months it is unlikely we'll reach full feature parity, but if the above is still of interest stay tuned for that mentioned update soon.

    Hope that helps. If any further questions arise please let me know anytime of course!