Install Options

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  • I've noted Enscape now installs significantly larger (approx 585MB for 2.4, some 250MB+ more than - and whilst some growth is to be expected, fear some bloat is thanks to the asset content - and it got me thinking, might we:

    a. get the option to not install content to users workstations (and have it on network instead)

    b. get the option to not install the asset library feature at all?

  • It also looks like that it doesn't matter which options are ticked in which (native) program plugins to install - it seems to install all of them.

    I'm fairly sure that the asset library is intended to have content on the web: personally I would prefer to have the option to download each asset individually (then loaded into the native program locally... with the option of adding other local files to the library.)

  • Right, in the next version the AssetBrowser content will be web based. This will most likely make the installer much smaller and downloads the assets on demand once you need them.

  • Thomas Willberger How is that going to work when:

    1) When we drag in an asset that was already placed in the file? We might have done some edits to the family in Revit (for example change the low poly model with something that is more fitting for our drawings). Would dragging in the same asset override the one that was already placed? Ideally it shouldn't (for us at least).

    2) When we get custom libraries in the future: will we be able to purchase private storage from Enscape to add custom assets? or will we be able to also point the asset library to a local network folder?