Web Viewer on Oculus Go

  • I was pleasantly surprised that the web viewer works in the Oculus Browser. I seem to have issues navigating through the model though. Anyone else try this and try it maybe with a gamepad? Is that supported?

  • I'd love to be able to load an escape file directly to my Oculus Go as a stand alone file type and simply hand over to the owner/client. Is there a process in place to get enscape content onto Oculus Go headset? Please, Please, Please. I currently plan on purchasing VR headsets as part of a deliverable for our VR content. This ability would be phenominal!

  • Hi jOePN ,

    That would indeed be great, but unfortunately the Oculus Go integrated graphics card is simply not powerful enough at this point to render Enscape in it's full quality.

    There's ways to have the VR experience rendered on a computer and then transfer it via WiFi onto the Oculus Go, but you have to be fairly close to the router, and you still have to have the computer do the heavy lifting.

    For the Oculus Quest, there's been a new solution released, allowing you to connect it to a computer via USB cable, called Oculus Link, which reportedly works pretty well.

    But again, there's currently no standalone headset available on the market that could provide the power to render Enscape in full quality. Only web standalones and panoramas, sorry.