Enscape illumination / artificial light

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  • Hello dear Enscape users,

    i really want to create some indirect lights. I createt an illuminated object with via a self illumintaed material.

    At the moment the lightsource is hidden by an other object, the light will disapear commpletly. No matter how dark the surrpounding is,

    Please help me! :) :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    • Official Post

    Hi M+P , welcome to our Forum!

    Right away, we generally do not reccomend lighting a scene (especially at night / in dark environments) with self-illuminating materials on its own entirely, but rather advice to use a mix of actual light sources in combination with self-illuminating surfaces. Reason being that this can create artifacts otherwise and as in your case there are limits in regards to when the emissive/self-illuminating material is rendered.

    Further, anytime a self-illuminated material is out of sight, so hidden by another object like in your case or simply not within your perspective, it will not cast/render any visible light. That is mainly due to technical limitations and performance reasons with Enscape being a real-time tenderer. So in that regard we advice using light sources in addition instead, feel free to check out our dedicated lighting knowledge base article here.

    Feel free to also share some screenshots of your scene so that we can see everything in context,

    Thanks in advance for any further replies. :)