Enscape Roadmap Portal Becoming Stale

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  • As someone who is in a position to frequently weigh the pros and cons of our in-house software, I noticed that the Roadmap Portal has become stale over the last year. While some requests have been added on "request for feedback" or "in development" it seems others have been there through multiple major version releases. To clarify this post is not intended to critique the rate at which features are being developed, I am instead making a comment towards the lack of presented roadmap items, especially the ones requested by popular demand over the last year or two. I can immediately think of all the people who have requested for bevel edges on this forum page and I can imagine on the portal as well, Why is there not a little square requesting feedback on this? This is just an example and I am sure there are other features that are constantly being submitted.

    While I do understand that someone has to manually go through all these suggestions and that it takes time, I think the community deserves a sense of recognition that their voices are being heard and not feel like our suggestions are being thrown into a black hole even if Demian reassures us that someone is listening. Also as the list dwindles down to its final items, it makes me as a consumer wonder what is the path that Enscape will be pursuing in future updates. While the promise of Asset overhauls and monthly bundles are nice to hold us until the next big update, I sure hope the creative minds at Enscape have so much more planned for their software even if the features take years to integrate.

  • I would love to boost this part of the previous versions thread again since it applicable over a year later.

    RE: Previous Release / Preview Threads Merged

    This method of processing user-submitted ideas seems very appealing, though I can also understand Enscape being hesitant to this workflow as it requires manual input. That being said, as a user, it would make my ideas feel acknowledged.

  • This use to be the way it was done back in the pre -2020 years with Enscapes Trello board. They got rid of the Trello and had the +1 voting system on the forums that got very convoluted. Then people complained (me included) that the system wasn't anywhere near as effective as the Trello board. We were then promised the new voting portal, which was implemented, but just like everything lately that Enscape does is half baked and not up to the vision the users had for it. Currently, half the people on the forums still use the +1 system or create duplicate threads because there's no confirmation other than Demians copypasta to go vote on the voting portal.

    No matter what system is in place, someone at the end of the day has to manually field all the votes/+1's/threads/polls/comments. Either someone is doing all that back-end work or all our feedback is going down the drain, either option is possible since nobody outside the Enscape office sees the data. That's why until the forum sees the results of their votes in somewhat real time, the +1/multiple threads per topic system is going to continue. I personally still think Trello was the best method. Since its very unlikely the Trello board will ever come back, a number of fixes have to come the voting portal otherwise its a waste of forum members time.

  • The Roadmap Portal for our in-house software has shown little progress over the past year, with some requested features remaining stagnant despite multiple major version releases. This post isn't about criticizing development speed but rather highlighting the need for more visibility of roadmap items, especially those requested by the community. While I understand the time-consuming nature of reviewing suggestions manually, it's crucial for the community to feel acknowledged and not as if their suggestions are disregarded. I hope for more transparency regarding the future path of our software, with ambitious plans that keep the community informed and engaged in the development process.