Walk-through Tool?

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  • Can I make a request (not sure if there is a thread already like it), but of a walk-though tool like sketch-up scenes/tabs for the web-upload.

    We use this to help our clients fly to certain rooms, or as they tab through a project, it's like a video without having to create a video. This allows us to chat to them about certain areas/spaces, without getting confused in a building especially in schematic design phase when a model is basic.

    This would be very helpful especially if you could create something like Modelo does, or something like your video tool path which clients can follow.


    Elliott :thumbsup:

  • If you "Favorite" scenes you can use that in the same way as scenes within SU. (You can use [PgUp] and [PgDn] to flick between them rather than 'selecting' them from the roll-out menu)

    You will also find that if you have "Synchronize views" ticked on the Enscape toolbar that all the animation (including first level section planes) get animated when you switch views and navigate from within SU.

    Other than that there is a request to create an automated 'fly-through' mode that just plays the video preview as a "demo mode". And another request to tie the navigation to the video path so that viewers are sitting in a roller-coaster car; they can look around and change the speed, but not deviate from the path.

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    Hey liotlion , welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

    So, you generally would like to have Sketch-Up scenes available in the Web Standalone as well? I'll gladly file this as a feature request.

    Further, to file a second feature request for this subject faithfully, how exactly do you imagine the "path which clients can follow"? Similar to what Gadget already described, like sitting in a roller-coaster car and the clients could look around, change the speed, but not deviate from the path?

    Thank you in advance. ;)

  • Hello Demian,

    I appreciate you getting back to me so soon. Sorry for my delay! Yes, it would be nice to have such a feature for the Web Standalone.
    We wouldn't necessarily need a physical path present for our clients to follow.

    I had a few ideas if your team were to implement such a feature, which would be highly useful for us.
    -Enscape could have a view tab implemented with different view names on a menu which clients could select from
    -Enscape could implement pin icons on a floor plan map which clients could select from

    -Enscape could implement a similar approach as sketch-up where as you select from tab the program walks you to each tap, as if you are experiencing the space.
    -Enscape could possibly implement a physical path like your video camera path, which clients could toggle on and off which they could follow and as they follow such a path, information could pop up about different rooms and spaces.

    So far, the web standalone feature is a huge hit. Thank you for adding this, our clients love it. You team is doing a fantastic job



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    liotlion , pardon, just to make completely sure, you want to see all these features in our Web Standalone, correct? :)