What is the best practice for having your render 100% matching your SU scene?

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    Hi timeless , I hope it's okay I've moved your post into a new thread since it's a separate discussion.

    If you wish to have your Enscape renderings always match the same output as your scenes in SketchUp, you'll ideally have to create your views and thus scenes via Enscape itself, all while keeping View Synchronization disabled during the process. Once your scenes have been created you can simply render or batch render accordingly and the output should match what you see in SketchUp.

    Should you also wish to match the exact resolution of both SketchUp's viewport and your renderings though, I saw that you've also seen the reply from EGIE regarding this topic, but here's another excerpt:

    Quote from EGIE

    We, the entire SkUp team and I reset the SketchUp viewport to our preferred aspect ratio first to define our scenes. Also in our case this is usually the HD aspect ratio, e.g. 1920 x 1080 or a multiple of it. Within SketchUp it is not important how big the aspect ratio is actually, what is important is the viewport´s determined ratio of width to height! So we guarantee an always identical, fully SkUp-synchronized and always else- and everywhere reproducible render view. This procedure is very simple and works with Synchronize Views. To reset SkUp's viewport to our desired sice we use Julia Christina Eneroth's "Resize Viewport" plugin.

    hope this way could help you as well ;)

    Image attached:

    Please be aware once more that if you batch render view synchronization can not be taken into account due to technical reasons, but it's possible to still export individual screenshots while keeping view sync enabled (Using Shift + F11 creates single screenshots quickly as well).

    In this regard I reckon the first method, simply using Enscape to create your scenes/views should suffice in most cases, especially if you roughly match the aspect ratio of both your SketchUp and Enscape viewport. Perhaps utilizing a dual monitor setup as well which allows you to more easily compare the output side by side, all while batch rendering remains available.

    I hope this helps. If you still experience any oddities or have any further questions let me know anytime please.

  • Demian Gutberlet - thank you so much for clearing this out