Import (tracked) camera path

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  • Hi,

    I appreciate we can import camera paths that have been created within Enscape, but this isn't what I'm looking for.

    Ideally I'd like to be able to import a camera path from an .fbx (or similar - anything that is output by syntheyes really).

    I'm using more and more drone footage that is camera tracked, and I'd love to be able to use Enscape to superimpose our 3D models onto the tracked footage - but to do so, I'd need to be able to import the camera path.

    Surely there must be a way?

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    Any Enscape staff able to shed some light on whether or not we will be able to import camera paths from other software in future?

    While this is not natively possible indeed, you can forward it as a feature request directly to product management via our portal. Currently though there are no plans in regards to supporting camera paths from other applications I'm afraid, but again, please feel free to let PM know as well through your voice.

    It's not likely gonna help in your situation but just to link it another user found a workaround to import camera paths from 3ds max and vice versa (it leads to the most relevant post in the thread): RE: CAMERA XML TO ENSCAPE FROM 3DSMAX OR VICE VERSA

    I'm not sure if this would help in any way as you're using syntheyes, but again just to link it.

    If you have any further questions what so ever, please let me know anytime.