Force recalculate shadows

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  • Workflow: Revit 2021 + latest Enscape

    Case: Larger models, apartment buildings, etc. with heavy 3D assets, etc.

    Issue: sometimes, an entire object, face of a wall, a 3D text, or anything alike, does not update the shadows that have been casted on them, after moving the objects.

    Practical example: I put a 3D commercial text object on facade of an apartment building in Revit. The object appeared in Enscape, and a shadow for it was calculated (I have no clue how Enscape works, but this is how it seems). Then I proceeded to move the text half a meter left, a bit up, whatever - but the original "shadow" remained on the facade, and does not update. Even if I change the time of day, it does not change.

    It seems to take very large updates to the entire model, like "I'll return to check this out 30 minutes later" -type of behaviour, or, what always fixes is; restarting Enscape. Naturally, this is tidious.

    Proposition: a hotkey or a menu item for a button that forcefully updates all the lighting conditions in the current scene. Or, treat is as a bug and fix it - I assume it has to do with how Enscape optimises some form of pre-calculating of shadows, so I have no clue.

    It's a small issue, but annoying when the model is heavy and you're forced to restart it every now and then!

  • I always toggle the automatic sync button to try and help with these case examples. I also toggle between views and view templates. I do end up having to close Enscape fully to resolve some of the time. So a dedicated button for this would be great.

  • Furthering onto iCON N I experience the same issue and occasionally can get the shadows to update by hitting the stop sync button and turning it back on. I have also tried changing views and view sets. However, I am finding more and more when neither of these workarounds is getting the shadows to update. Instead, I am forced to close Enscape and restart the software entirely.