Web standalone display issue

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  • Hey there,

    I have a client running Firefox on a Mac who is having display issues with the web standalone model I've provided him. Just wondering if anyone has had similar looking issues and if there is a known solution. I've recommended installing the latest updates to firefox and/or downloading chrome. Sounds like there is a way to enable WebGL 2 on Safari even?

    This is the standalone: https://api2.enscape3d.com/v1/…b4-4310-a379-a5534e08bf85

    And attached is a screen shot from the client:

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    Hey Wayfarer , welcome to our forum. :)

    I've recommended installing the latest updates to firefox and/or downloading chrome.

    Could you indeed please try that, if you haven't already, as this could potentially help with the problem you're experiencing. Alternatively, you could also do the following in Safari to enable WebGL:


    Further, we received a report from another customer which experienced the same issue, so if you could please let us know if the steps above helped, that would be very helpful in further finding the cause behind this behavior!

  • avi Can you send me via PM the link to the web standalone in question and the output of the developer console. You can open the developer console under the Chrome menu, More Tools, Developer Tools and Console. Once the console is open, reload the web standalone and after a minute or two you can right click and "Save As...".

    Thank you, this will help us get to the bottom of this issue.

  • Just checking back in now, been about a month!

    @Demian Gutberlet I've recommended everything to my client but he didn't have any success updating his browsers or using Chrome or activating WebGL (not sure how computer savvy he is though). He was able to use a different windows computer to get it working so we moved on. Unfortunately, another client of mine is having the exact same issue which I'm troubleshooting with Sean Farrell directly. I'll reply back here if we come up with a solution.

    Any luck avi ?

  • I've seen the same happen on two pc laptops running windows, maybe 1.5 years old each of them. Same all black with maybe some edges. I can't ask them to update graphic drivers and I'm guessing that might be it. I've checked the firefox and chrome browsers of one of them and they are both up to date. The same model view was shared with 3 other computers that all worked great (one laptop). A mix of aged machines in the 3 that worked, new and old, updated and not. I'm thinking the two that didn't work just have junk for laptop onboard graphics. Wish I could check but I really can't. Going to try more and more machines to try and get a feel for how many might run into this.

  • Thank you for the effort JScape, it's unfortunate to hear.

    Can you try the web standalone with the latest preview? To do that, take the link that was generated and add "?runtimeVersion=" (without quotation marks) to the end. That may help and if it does that would be good news.

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    Hi An Ngo

    Thank you for reaching out!

    I'm afraid that's no error there, the functionality of WebGL, which we're using for our web export, is simply different than OpenGL, and not all features are available.

    This means in general that our web exports are in many ways similar to Enscape in "Draft" quality setting, so reflections and lighting calculations are simpler than in Enscape "offline mode". Grass rendering, I'm afraid, is also not supported at this point.

    Of course we're constantly busy optimizing the quality of our outputs!