New Enscape User / Enscape crashes on Mac...

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  • Good morning!

    First post here - I befriended design company just showed me their workflow with Sketchup and Enscape and I was VERY impressed. We are currently using Sketchup + V-Ray.

    So I downloaded Enscape for Mac opened Sketchup aaaaand - Enscape crashed. Tried to disable other plugins, made sure that I had the most current version of MacOS installed, tried closing all other programs, but so far no luck at all. I cannot get Enscape to run. Then I thought: might have something to do with my Mac (M1 Max MacBook, 32GB Ram) so I fired up my iMac Pro, that still uses the Intel chip AAAAND Enscape crashes upon opening.

    Am at the end of my wits here. The only thing I can still think of is that Enscape is not compatible with Sketchup 2023.1? I submitted a bug report to Enscape but could only do so via the web interface because not even the Feedback-Button works in Enscape.

    It's a fairly shoddy start but what I saw makes me want to have it!!! Maybe somebody can help? Would be awesome!

    • Official Post

    Hi Napper , thanks for your inquiry and welcome to our Forum! :)

    Right away, please be aware that SketchUp 2023.1 in combination with Enscape for Mac does currently not work as it should:

    Enscape for Mac NOT working with SketchUp (Service Pack) 2023.1

    In this case you may want to re-install SketchUp to 2023 and skip out on their current additional service pack.

    Of course, your Mac will still need to meet our requirements, but in your case that shouldn't be a problem.

    Please also let me know in case you have any further questions what so ever!