Enscape Freezing and Crashing

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  • I was completing renderings up until 9/14. On 9/15 I started getting persistent and constant crashing when trying to open Enscape from my sketchup files. I have seen the posts about Sketchup 23.1 but I have not updated and this issue is happening on both 23.0 and 22.0. I have tried restarting the machine, reinstalling software, and using multiple sketchup files to test from but the outcome is always the same.

    1. Enscape appears to load and start correctly when Sketchup is launched.

    2. After clicking the "Start Enscape" button from the toolbar, it does launch the enscape window.

    3. The loading geometry window pops up but freezes at some point while loading.

    4. The encsape window loads the background but the refresh arrows in the bottom left freeze at the same time the loading geometry bar does.

    5. Nothing else can be done except for force quitting the application and restarting (but the same thing happens every time).

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi braggkd , the allow for quick troubleshooting, please make sure to report any such crashes/freezes in the future directly using the feedback button as detailed here: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…back-button-mac-sketchup/

    This will forward log files and machine information which we will in most cases be vital to look into any such problems further.

    Afterward one of our Mac specialists will be also get back in touch via e-mail/the report accordingly soon.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation.

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    Hey OcaraOcruz , please follow the steps described above by my colleague Demian in order to provide us with Log Files we can use to analyze your issue. Thank you in advance!