Asset 054

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  • So far adjustable assets work great but I have a problem with this one armchair 054.

    I can place it in through sKetchup or ENS window. I can use it fine in any non adjustable way. But when I go to ENS window and select it there and click the adjust little icon I got a message in red.. No other asset does it to me so far. On friends PC it worked and I adjusted colour but on clicking 'Apply and exit' sKetchup crashed.. Maybe accidental .. I didn't try it again not to annoy him too much..

    On My PC I can not adjust colour but I can choose the second option of this chair. Then If I "Apply changes" chair will disappear from render, but not from sKetchup.

  • Not about asset 54 but I thought I will write here cos it is basically about asset misbehaving..

    some year ago we placed this asset in the model.. Red Maple 04. I haven't done any outside renders in this project since May where I can still see this asset loading correctly.

    I updated today to ENScape 3.5.4+119962. And not only it is not loading but there is no Asset with this name any more in the library. Just check it out..

    and asset in model maple

    I guess You were renaming some assets and lost one name somewhere in process..?

    Edit .. I just checked some interior renders and in the previous version I could not see this tree as well through the window.