How to use Colored Sun Shadows in Enscape?

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  • Have you had the chance to play around with Enscape's latest feature?

    In case you missed it, we have recently added a new functionality that makes ray-traced colored sun shadows available in Enscape!

    Now you can create dramatic effects, add a touch of realism to your renders, and experiment with different colors of glass to create unique and interesting designs.

    This means that, when Ray-Traced Sun Shadows are enabled, semi-transparent objects will cast shadows with the opacity and tint color of your choice.

    To enable Ray-Traced Sun Shadows, go to the Rendering tab in General Settings.

    The tint color and opacity can be applied in the Enscape Material Editor in the Transparency attribute settings. Keep in mind that glass materials have no tint filter by default, so you will have to adjust the settings for each glass material you want to cast colored shadows.

    Please remember that sun-colored shadows require an RTX graphic card.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature and you will share your results!