Lighting differences in viewport and screenshot

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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to learn enscape and love it so far. The quality of the rendered screenshots are usually better as what we see in viewport, I have however an issue in a new project: the lighting in the viewport is smooth but in screenshots it is really noisy/sandy. In the example the lighting in the wardrobe seems fine, but the lighting in the sideboard not. This happens in all the rooms I render, when I render only the wardrobe the lighting becomes noisy just like in the sideboard.

    Anyone knows how to fix this issue? I appreciate the help :)

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    Hi minh and welcome to our forums!

    The difference in noise that you can see on the sideboard are related to different techniques used to denoise the rendering during walkthrough or for capturing. In some cases the denoising in capturing can currently result in these speckles on surfaces with a material with medium roughness.
    Unfortunately there's currently not much you can do, except try if other roughness settings of the material look ok and reduce the effect.

    We're already working on an improved denoising solution for capturings!