Enscape "Look Around" Getting Stuck

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  • Recently when using the left mouse button to look around in Enscape, my movement speed will decrease dramatically. It suddenly becomes slow and difficult to look around as if the mouse is fighting me. Everything else seems to be working fine - I can still move/fly around, and sometimes moving to a different location seems to bring my look around speed back to normal.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

    Using Enscape 3.5.3+117852 for Revit


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    Hi PupHaus , welcome to our Forum.

    Thank you for the report - Right away, does this persist perhaps with a different mouse as well? I reckon it should not boil down to a problem with the mouse itself, but still worth trying if you have another lying around.

    If that doesn't make a difference, please also check the following Input settings:

    Should any of the sliders deviate too much (besides from the height reference) from the standard setting seen above, please reset them accordingly.

    In case you're still unsuccessful with resolving this, please also submit us a feedback report with log files as the next step, simply including a link to this thread for reference in the feedback's submission form before pressing Sent.

    Thank you again in advance for your efforts.