Enscape lights emit practically zero light in archicad

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  • I'm sure this has been mentioned before but why on earth are Enscape's built in lights so god awful at emitting light when imported into archicad?

    here is an image with a select set of lights from Enscape's library. middle of the day, 50% exposure, sun 80%, artificial brightness 200%:

    here is the exact same scene at midnight, 100% exposure, sun 0%, artificial brightness 200%:

    i should be getting my eyes seared out of my skull with these settings and yet all i can see is a subtle glow.

    I am aware that you can use archicad's built in lighting but they have their own sets of issues with some materials and bulbs not being emissive surfaces and having to edit GDL data to achieve those results. Ideally id just like the Enscape lights to simply work as they should, as the models themselves are really quite aesthetically appealing.

    for comparisons sake, here is an archicad light with the same settings as the second image, but with the archicad lights intensity at a paltry 30%:

    Please, i just want to use the pretty Enscape lights :(

  • This is very interesting, I assumed the included enscape lights emitted no light and have been strategically loading them into family with lights in revit and in sketchup simply placing an enscape light asset. I'm not sure how they work in archicad but having the option to adjust the enscape asset with lighting effects would be ideal.

  • I believe there is NO Light emitting from any enscape light asset...

    In addition to fixing this (which I presume is quite significant, with control over many parameters)... I would just like the BULB material to actually be an emmissive material! It's odd, after placing an ARCHICAD LIGHT SOURCE from an enscape light, to have the bulb appear as if OFF...

    • Official Post

    Hey all! Sorry for the confusion, indeed Enscape Lighting Assets do not contain any native artificial lights. Some of them do contain emissive materials, but we strongly recommend not to use those for illumination, only.
    Instead, when placing Enscape 3D Assets from the lighting category, you will have to additionally add a native light source in your CAD software. I hope this helps for the time being!