“Enscape was unable to start” when opening a Stanford EXE created from Sketchup

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  • I have created two standalone executables for VR on another computer from Sketchup, one for each view. Both executables were exported with basically identical settings. The only difference is that they are of two different views. One of these files opens and functions perfectly. The other is unable to open at all and displays the following error message (pictured).

    I have no idea what to do here.

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    Hi Callmecatbread , thanks a lot for your report.

    Right away, could you please let me know if those executables have been exported using our latest release ideally? And if that wasn't the case, could you please try so as well?

    If that makes no difference or you're already using 3.5.3, is there a chance for you to share the project itself so that we can try to reproduce this ourselves? Should it not be possible to share the project itself at all, then perhaps the standalone files themselves?

    Let me know and if you're able to, you can use wetransfer.com and send me the provided link to the files through a direct message.

    Last but not least, feel free to make very sure once more that the Visual Settings are completely the same, ideally matching those of the executable which works, and I reckon you're able to also include the "problematic view" in one .exe standalone alongside without further problems?