IsFavorite [sic] & More?

  • Just found Enscape's cheeky little instance parameter in a View Schedule - and whilst I was about to jump on here and moan "Can we not have these please?" - I had a rethink on logging-in, and will reframe the request "Can we have all the Enscape shared parameters exposed please?"


  • snowyweston , pardon, but this is not something we're going to introduce anytime soon. Most users do not make use of this information, and changes to it could occur anytime as well. I hope you'll understand.

  • I hope you'll understand.

    Please understand my concern is not what others may or may not do, but for our models specifically, and in that I take great pride to ensure we take all steps possible to keep our models as clean and tidy as possible - and (sneakily) hidden shared parameters - and the ambiguity of more potentially to follow - does not sit well.

    I do not think it unreasonable to request, if the use of Enscape directly affects our content - beyond the extent of acting as an add-on, how it does should be documented and exposed.

    I would be happy to share how we are now employing said shared parameter so that others might potentially do, or expand on, the same,