unable to import material

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  • using Mac OS Sonoma and Sketchup 2023, when I tried importing materials (grass and HDMI sky) downloaded from Ambient CG but got a "unable to import material" . couldn't import either. Please advise,

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    Hey drawskip

    Sounds like you're trying to load a .hdmi file into a material texture slot. Have you considered using the Skybox function instead? Open Visual Settings, and in the Sky tab select Skybox for Horizon / Source

    That's where the skybox belongs. For regular materials, please use one of these image formats:

    Keep in mind - video formats will only work in the Albedo Color Texture slot.

  • as per customer support feedback from enscape, it won't work with my new Mac OS

    Hi Skip,

    Thank you for contacting us at Enscape!

    To clarify, it's not that Enscape doesn't support Mac, but that we only support Macs with M1 or M2 cards.

    Unfortunately, we have recently discontinued support for Intel-based Macs due to Apple's depreciation of the graphic cards used in them. This includes Macs running Windows Bootcamp on these machines. We have moved to only supporting Macs with M series chipsets.

    For more information, please refer to our Mac System Requirements.

    Your license can be moved to a supported Mac or to a Windows-based machine that meets our Windows System Requirements, as our licenses work on both Mac and Windows. To do this with a Fixed license, please deactivate it from the machine before switching. This is not necessary for Floating license types.

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,

    Hayley Smith

    Customer Support Representative