Enscape 3.5.3. on Archicad (25/26) - Enscape window keeps loading... forever...

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  • Hi,

    We use Enscape on Archicad. In view of the updated asset library we installed the newest Enscape version 3.5.3.

    No matter how simple the model, the Enscape window can't seem to display the 3D model.

    Projects that work effortlessly in Enscape 3.4 or 3.5, won't seem to work in the latest version.

    Only when we isolate one or a few objects, Enscape loads within a few moments. Other than that... nothing happens...

    The progress bar (..exporting materials, exporting geometry...) is quick, but the actual Enscape view keeps "loading"… forever...

    I have tried this with several projects ranging in polygon-count and filesize, and on machines running either Windws 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro.

    Have installed and re-installed Enscape twice, second time around doing a clean install.

    Kind regards,


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    Hey Johan@Atrium
    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles. As a first step, can you please make sure to send us Feedback, which includes log files for us to analyze your system? Please also add a short description to your feedback.

    You can check how to share feedback with us here: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…back-button-win-archicad/

  • Good morning Kai,

    I did already sent the feedback via the enveloppe-button on the Enscape toolbar, including the logs as requested.

    Just posted the question on the forum as well, should some others experience the same issues.

    Kinds regards,