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  • I am reading this article, and have a question regarding a specific part


    I know that the Enscape material editor only supports Generic assets (called “old” appearance).

    On the one hand, the “new” appearance asset is recommended, while it cannot be used in the Enscape material editor – on the other hand, only the gerneric/"old" appearance is supported. I can’t wrap my head around that.

    Second, if you pick “normal map” in the Enscape material editor (which is affecting a Generic asset = “old” appearance and not PBR), and then go to the Revit appearance tab – you can’t see the normal map assigned. Where is this texture defined?

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    Hey HaiderOfSweden,

    Revit has its own really powerful material editor. It's hard to keep up with that, and the Enscape Material Editor is really needed in other design applications that are lacking necessary features to create high quality materials. So if you ask me, it's perfectly fine to work with a mixture of both the Revit Material Editor as well as the Enscape Material Editor, with both it's strengths and weaknesses. The Enscape Material Editor is faster and provides our material types and things like video albedo textures.
    The Revit material editor, on the other hand, provides access to Revit's newer PBR materials and is therefore more consistent with your overall experience in Revit.

    Actually Phil Read if I'm not mistaken, you know way more about this topic. Do you want to contribute?

  • To be fair Kaj Burival , I think you're ignoring the elephant in the room here :)

    Enscape could have chosen to also support Revit PBR materials, but chose not to. There's nothing technical to stop you from doing so.

    Or at the very least you could have finetuned the behavior in the Enscape material editor to make working with Revit PBR materials easier. For example, you could show non-generic materials (instead if just hiding them) and when selected say "non generic materials are not supported. Do you want to convert to a generic material"? and show a button to convert to generic (Revit has a built-in method for this you can call).

    Now the workflow is really rough:

    1) user goes in enscape material editor to edit a material

    2) notices material is missing

    3) the user needs to realize this is because of the wrong appearance schema (my experience is that most don't)

    4) close enscape material editor

    5) open revit material editor

    6) locate material

    7) convert to generic

    8 ) close revit material editor

    9) open enscape material editor

    10) locate material (for the third time now)

    11) make actual edits

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    Hey Pieter , that's great feedback. Thank you for sharing it! If you haven't, yet, please also make sure to share it using our product board: https://portal.productboard.co…edback-wanted/submit-idea Thank you!

  • Hey Pieter , that's great feedback. Thank you for sharing it! If you haven't, yet, please also make sure to share it using our product board: https://portal.productboard.co…edback-wanted/submit-idea Thank you!

    I just did, but it doesn't feel like that actually does anything tbh. I never heard anything about the ideas I've submitted through that portal.

  • To sum it up - one of two questions is replied

    1. Enscape chooses not to be compatible with the PBR shaders. My question was never what was "good for Revi", but rather "why can't I work with PBR shaders when Enscape is a modern PBR-based software". Thanks, Pieter for confirming this.

    the other question is still not answered: Once you define a normal map in the Enscape Material editor and then open the Revit material editor, you can't see the texture defined anywhere. Where has it been defined??

    Please see the screenshot to illustrate it in a more clear manner.

    .ps It is also so sad that you can convert a good and modern improved PBR material to the old obsolete not-so-good Generic material asset. But thats another story...

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    Hey HaiderOfSweden , the additional texture map is stored in the Enscape Material Editor system in your Revit file, just like any information that's only supported by the Enscape Material Editor, such as, for example, video files used as Albedo Textures. I hope this helps!