Library - People - Older African American characters

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  • Hello Enscape Team.

    I have a very specific entourage request. The design firm I work for specializes in affordable housing, which in the US primarily relates to African-American communities and neighborhoods. We have a large number of requests to illustrate our proposed designs with the right ethnicity and demographics for the intended urban areas.

    I would like to request that at some point please add more casual elderly people to the library, particularly African-Americans.

    Thank you for your consideration.



  • this is too real for me, when working in China, I could at first not put any asians in my projects, the nearest match was the (indian?) woman with the beautiful orange dress.

    then they added a bunch of asian people, but they were all attractive young women, which also gave a bit of a weird vibe in the renders

    now there are a few asian men as well, but it is still very limited, at least its improving little by little!

    more diversity would be great! And a way to filter on it when searching, but I can see that being a controversial subject to label people by etnicity.