Enscape Custom Asset ID - Change to Text String

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  • Hello!

    I've been working on a custom library of assets for Enscape in Revit and I'm trying to figure out how to edit/reduce the length of the Custom Asset ID. The current custom asset IDs are something like this: 98b1f2ba-aa2d-421d-aaef-ebac991e819a which is generated by the custom asset editor. I understand that to be able to edit assets they'll need to have the same ID, my question is two part:

    1. Can I replace this ID in the JSON file and asset file names and have the asset still fuction (tired this but it wouldn't load in the custom asset browser)

    2. Is there a way around using this very long string when generating custom assets or asset editor projects?

    I want to be able to reference the Enscape custom assets without poking through a folder, copying the ID and using that, I'd rather use a common/easily understandable name. Overall we've had a really good experience with Enscape, it's just this issue.

    Thanks, :)