Enscape Asset Library Error

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    Hi egzonhprofond , welcome to our Forum.

    Right away, please check out the this knowledgebase article and follow its instructions accordingly:


    If you are not connected to the internet via a proxy, please free up the corresponding firewall ports listed further down below.

    Should that not do the trick, kindly submit us a feedback report with log files as detailed here:


    Submitting a report is generally the recommended go-to method whenever you experience any technical difficulties with Enscape.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • I have the same issue for the last couple of days

    looks like my firewall or windows firewall is blocking the specific file who let download / appear the library

    ...... elements are not there....

    i have tried all aproaches but nothing

    could you please let me know where is the ENSCAPE. exe?

    or which is the exact enscape file that I have to allow in the firewall

    please :(

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    ARCHITECTENSCAPE , it should not be required in this regard to whitelist any files via the Windows Defender, but if you are perchance using a third party firewall solution then you will have to reach out to your system administrator for example to help with creating the URL exceptions along with the associated port numbers detailed in the previously linked knowledgebase article.

    In case you aren't using any third party firewall, definitely further submit us a feedback report right away as detailed here, to also forward this to our technical support teams including log files.

    Kindly let me know once submitted please and thanks a lot in advance.

  • thanks Demian Gutberlet

    4 0r 5 years working with enscape without issues, but since updated to version 3.5.4 I been having all kinds of issues with ENSCAPE

    (you can see my previous posts)

    been trying everything I have found on internet

    I have even reinstall windows and all programs.

    I have allowed everything on the windows firewall

    but same, no connection with enscape, blha, blha

    I am guessing that my option right now will be reformat the laptop

    and then install windows and all programs from cero


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    I am sorry to hear about that. Could you kindly also submit us a feedback report in this regard just so we can check out your log files as well alongside? Make sure to just copy what you shared here in the submission form and let me knows once sent in please.

    Also, when you disable the (third party) firewall entirely, even just temporarily, are you able to access the Asset Library or also not at all?

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    Thanks for the update, sorry to hear you had to re-format your machine entirely, but I'm glad it's working now as intended.

    Just in case this occurs again, don't forget to submit that feedback report too. :)

    Of course also let me know in case there is anything else you require assistance with.

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    Please kindly thus also submit a feedback report as per my previous replies, as that might be very helpful in order to resolve this.

    I do reckon that some firewall may still be blocking the connection, or another security solution in case you have any installed alongside. Definitely worth checking if you're installing any anti-virus software or a similar program to windows defender, and whether or not deactivating those (or setting exceptions within) would help.

    Perhaps there is a system administrator you could refer to which can let you know which software might be responsible and/or assist? Otherwise identifying which programs you've installed prior to Enscape not being able to connect to the asset library servers might help as well.

    Thank you in advance and definitely also let me know once the report has been submitted please.