Sketchup Startup Times

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  • I mentioned this in another post, but I have been having significant issues with Sketchup starting when I have enscape enabled (10-15 minutes for a file to load that normally loads in 30 seconds). I uninstalled Enscape, updated windows, did a clean install of Nvidia drivers then uninstalled skp and reinstalled. The issue went away for a day. Then I needed to use Enscape so I reinstalled it only I reinstalled thinking it might be the latest version and I knew that one was fine.. However the problem immediately came back. Enscape / skp function normally once loaded but I can't wait for 15 minutes for every file to load. When the file is loading I noticed that the core trying to load skp pegs to 100%. This is not normal and not what was happening all day until I reinstalled enscape. I feel like it is some combination of things I have done to my computer that is causing this.. windows update drivers etc.. but I can not find the pattern. The only thing I know for sure is that it goes away if I uninstall enscape. All my other computers function normally with the same skp file so I know it is not the file itself. I am at a loss and am guessing short of wiping my computer and starting clean I will never find the culprit.. but I really don't want to do that if anyone has any ideas. I can't pinpoint exactly when this started if it was when I installed 2.4 or before that as it has also not been consistent. I may try rolling my computer back if I have an old setpoint that makes sense. I should also add that just uninstalling enscape does not do the trick.. I have to then un / reinstall skp and then it goes back to normal. And the problem does not seem to re occur until I re-install enscape. I need to test this longer however to confirm it is the consistent trigger for the behavior.

  • Hi dvsone1440 , I'm sorry to hear about this issue!

    To further figure out what may be the cause of this, could you please kindly send us some feedback via the dedicated Feedback button which you'll find in your Enscape toolbar/context menu? Please also add you forum name or some other reference in the submission form so that we can connect the report to this thread! :)

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Hey dvsone1440 , is this issue still persisting? If so, we'd be very thankful if you could send us a feedback report via the Feedback button. As mentioned, please also add your forum name or some other reference like the thread title in the submission form. :)

  • I think.. think it was a combination of enscape and 3d connexxion not playing nice together. I uninstalled everything, reinstalled skp and enscape and the problem went away.. two days ago I noticed 3d connex.. had a new driver so I installed that and things were good for a day.. now enscape crashes skp when I open it .. :) I sent a model through the feedback a while ago and it seemed your guys thought it was the 3d drivers as well. I will send a feedback for my new one if I can get enscape to open. Keeps crashing.

  • dvsone1440 , I'm afraid, it is indeed due to a problem with their drivers in combination with Enscape. We're still busy resolving this behavior, so thank you for your patience. In the meantime, the only solution would be to uninstall the corresponding drivers - afterward Enscape should function as usual again.

  • dvsone1440 , sorry to hear about that. Could you please send us a feedback report from your machine now as stated in my reply above? :) Don't forget to add your forum name in the submission form, so we can easily connect this thread to the report. That would be very helpful, thank you in advance!

  • Thanks Demian, I am still not even sure it is Enscape that is my problem. After the latest windows update and a rash of others.. enscape / nvidia / etc.. all hell has broken loose on my computer and it is really hard to pin down the problem. I may be looking at a windows reinstall to weed out most of the culprits.

  • dvsone1440 Yeah Microsoft has release some pretty buggy updates lately. If you search on google for Windows 10 October and November updates connected with "Bug" you'll find a lot of serious bugs.

  • Happy to hear that dvsone1440 ! :)