Lags and charging time, workoflow tips?

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  • Hi,

    We are a landscape architecture office, this year we changed our workflow from CAD/Rhino/enscape to Vectorworks/enscape. We can see many advantages already in this transition, however, we see also some big issues. Enscape used to be always open on Rhino and helped us design. Now just opening the escape window takes more than 15min, and it "charges the geometries and material everytime". If I decide to hide something on the file, it never comes back in the enscape I have to close and open it again which is nonsense in our workflow, I can't waste hours waiting for the geomtries and materials to charge again and again. The area is pretty large, the VWX model is pretty large 380MB, it has 800+ BIM trees with 3d escape assets embedded in the 3d geometries of each symbol. We don't even have any plant or furniture assets yet. I have to have these visuals ready by the end of the week, the design ain't gonna change much now, it's just about producing the pictures.

    My machine is powerful, the graphic card drivers are updated, and we use the latest version of Vectorworks (2024+update 1) with the latest version of Enscape (3.5.4).

    Do you have a similar experience? Do you have any tips? What can be improved in the workflow? Is there a way to lighten up the VWX file before clicking the escape button to have our "window to the real" in real-time?


    This 'creating geometry and material' window when we open enscape is literally running for at least 15 minutes before it opens the file.